(Catechesis Groups)

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What is a catechesis group?

A catechesis group is a group of people who meet weekly with one or two recognized pastors leading them

  1. to examine scripture and historic christian beliefs
  2. to share openly about their own lives and spiritual condition
  3. to encourage, challenge and pray for one another.

A group generally consists of no more than 8-10 men or women of varying ages and life situations. This size allows for adequate sharing and discussion. Though our current groups are gender specific, we would consider a co-ed group if the need arises.

Why catechesis?

From its earliest days, the Church has recognized that entry into the Christian community required a reorientation of a person’s beliefs, desires and practices through a process called catechesis. The Christian faith follows a distinctively different way of life than the world. We are guided by truth that the world considers foolishness. We find life in union with God and his people. Entry into this kind of countercultural faith requires intensive formation. It requires a prayerful examination of historic Christian beliefs an our own practices.


our groups use a common catechism as a starting point for studying the faith. this catechism presents the core beliefs of the church throughout its history in 98 questions and answers alongside the apostles’ creed, a baptismal covenant, the lord’s prayer and the ten commandments.


in each group people share openly about:

  • their spiritual condition
  • doing good & avoiding evil
  • keeping means of grace (i.e. christian practices or disciplines)
  • how the group can pray for them.


from its beginnings, the church has designated pastoral leaders to care for the community. group pastors facilitate group discussion, encourage others and when appropriate offer a gentle challenge or correction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a Christian to join?
No! Being in a group will allow you to explore the Christian life. You’ll be able to learn what the Church believes, ask questions, and decide if you believe as well. You’ll also be able to share openly about your life, be prayed for, and be challenged to try some Christian practices. These groups seek to encourage and support you not to judge you. We only require that you are open to others and willing to participate seriously.

How do new groups get started?
We expect our groups to prepare leaders and to start new groups, especially as a group grows beyond the optimal size for discussion. Therefore, most new groups will be formed when an existing group sends out a few of its members to give pastoral leadership to a new group.

How do I become a group leader?
We’re glad you asked because we need more leaders! You can begin the process by becoming actively involved in an existing group, taking your own spiritual growth seriously, and letting your group leader(s) know that you are interested in future leadership.